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DNR official cautions towns about enhanced wake regs

Multiple towns across Wisconsin are passing ordinances regulating artificial enhanced wakes on state waters, but many of them lack any evidentiary mechanism, and last week a state Department of Natural Resources administrative warden cautioned that towns could be headed for troubled legal waters of their own if they resort to ad hoc or citizen enforcement.

Trump, Biden run neck-and-neck with summer looming

April presidential polls have brought May …. more presidential polls, and the last batch looks eerily similar to all the others over the past half-year, with Donald Trump clinging nationally to an ever-so-slight lead over President Joe Biden, including the latest Marquette Law School poll released this past week.

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Oneida County board taps Hartman for administrative coordinator

Oneida County has a new administrative coordinator, and it is one of the county’s own elected officials, Tracy Hartman, who is also the county clerk.

SCOTUS lets federal agency fund itself

Alito dissent: Consumer bureau ‘blatantly attempts’ to evade constitution

In a 7-2 vote, with four conservatives joining three liberals, the U.S. Supreme Court last week rejected a challenge to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s funding mechanism, which largely allows the federal consumer protection agency to fund itself with only a limited monetary cap and no congressional oversight.

Oneida County moves closer to shoreland ordinance revisions

Agency still opposes boathouse stairs, other provisions

Oneida County is moving forward with shoreland ordinance revisions, some of which the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says it won’t approve, but this week the county’s zoning director told the committee the agency had softened some positions in meetings with staff and outside counsel.

Federal judge tosses lawsuit challenging absentee witness signatures

Judge: Argument by Dem allies ‘makes no sense’

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Democratic activists that sought to void a state law requiring voters to have a witness signature for their absentee ballots.

Oneida County moves closer to job offers for HSC staff

Rideout proposes additional 50 positions for new Human Services Department

Oneida County officials have been promising for a while now that most employees of the soon-to-be-defunct tri-county Human Service Center (HSC) would be offered jobs in the county’s newly formed Department of Human Services, and sure enough the county took a big step last week in making those offers a reality, presenting a plan to the county’s executive committee to create 51 new positions for 2025.

Election year duel: Microsoft and Biden versus Foxconn and Trump

Biden: Foxconn was just that, ‘a con’

President Joe Biden, Gov. Tony Evers, and a bevy of Democrats descended on Racine County this past week to celebrate Microsoft’s announcement that it would invest $3.3 billion in an artificial intelligence (AI) datacenter campus in Mount Pleasant — and to gloat that the facility is planned for land that Republicans once promised would be an economic Goliath powered by Foxconn.

Bradley, Dallet frame age-old constitutional debate

Independent interpretation or inventing constitutional rights?

It is an argument as old as the Republic itself — whether the U.S. constitution should be strictly or loosely interpreted — and in a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision the debate exploded full scale in a case that, oddly enough, the justices decided unanimously.

Biden administration sides with tribes on Line 5

Then again, administration opposes tribes on Line 5

The Biden administration has weighed in, in court on a controversial Canadian oil pipeline known as Line 5, which runs through tribal lands, both agreeing with tribes that the Canadian pipeline owner is trespassing but opposing the court’s order to immediately shut the pipeline down.

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